Exploring Human Psychology and Behavioral Traits to Create Genuinely Useful Products / Services, together with a system to support it,and Thereby Contributing to the Realization of a Society of Plenty.


We lead our clients to success, by practicing our UCD methodology for the person who wants to be useful to others to become truly useful.


Society with trillion smiles,
where usefulness is
the main objective of business.

A Society comfortable to live in and filled with
thoughtful products or services for the users.

Through working you feel you are being useful to others,
and able to understand the meaning of your work and life.

The companies are able to make profit as a result of being useful
to their customers, and aim to provide more value.

The shape of one's work becomes the personality of each individual,
which spreads as a culture throughout society, where helping one another is the norm.

Our fellow beBiters are satisfied with both mental and physical aspects
through the realization of our ideal society.


Existence that
values events

Smallest unit event

“be” able to value the smallest “Bit”.
That is what “beBit” stands for.

Each of us may only be a small existence in society, but by putting the small bits together one by one, steadily and honestly, we believe that it will lead to achieving great things, even change the society for the better, realizing a rich society. That is our strong will we put into the name “beBit”.
Also, “beBit” resembles the sound of the English word “vivid”, which we intend to make our team always strong and vibrant, and to dedicate ourselves to contribute in making a vibrant society.
Furthermore, beBit is a global firm, and local offices in each region are named after the above philosophy.
Taipei office name “微拓(wēi tuò)” consists of “微” meaning “bit” and “拓” meaning “be”. Shanghai office name “倍比拓(bèi bǐ tuò)” resembles the sound “beBit”, and as our 2nd overseas base, we aim to double (比倍) our strength and open our future (拓) into the Global market.

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