Consulting Service

beBit gives you a competitive edge, delivering customer centric strategy that create customer and employee happiness and sustainable business growth.

Customer Loyalty & Experience Strategies

Customer advocacy is indispensable to business success in the modern age. A research has shown that the customer-centric level of the businesses that have succeeded in achieving sustainable growth is more than twice higher than that of their rivals.

We provide services to support clients in becoming more customer-centric and in realizing customer happiness, employee satisfaction and sustainable business growth through the offer of superb CX and an increase in customer loyalty.

Other Services

We also deliver digital business strategies services.

User Centered Design Service

From attracting consumers to your business goals, We optimize achievement through developing communication strategy based on our coherent user scenario.

Our Clients

  • SUNTORY: Monthly PV increased 259%
  • SECOM: Request for Brochure increaseed by 6times

Site Strategy, Design, Development

Developing new websites, revamps etc.
Based on user behaviour analysis, we create success through defining site strategy, desining and development.
Also we deal with cellphone and smart phone sites.

Site Evaluation, Improvement of Usability

Based on our user behavior observations and professionals’analysis, we identify issues with your current website, and we suggest the best solutions.

Consulting Service on Digital Marketing in East Asia

In Taipei office as well as in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, we offer the same level of consulting services to Tokyo.