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CEO Message

Creating a System with Customer Smiles
as the Starting Point for Business Activities

beBit, Inc.
Naoki Endo

Coming from an advanced nation, it is our duty to solve advanced problems

In poorer times, the greatest contribution to society was "making and providing large amounts of things cheaply." Kōnosuke Matsushita (the Japanese industrialist who founded Panasonic) said that "An industrialist's mission is to create paradise by having a cheap and inexhaustible supply of goods on tap," and Henry Ford realized the mass production and low-price sale of the Ford Model T.

The efforts of these pioneers went into the solving of the problem of poverty, and as a result of this we currently have acquired lifestyles of plenty, overflowing with possessions.

However, being in a materially rich society does not necessarily mean that the problems people have are all solved, and that everyone is leading a life of happiness.

We face new issues, such as:

  • Social disorder and environmental destruction due to the short-term pursuit of profit
  • A vague sense of unease for the future due to uncertain prospects in an ageing society with a low birth rate
  • Profit ratios and innovation declining due to excessive competition in a growth-stalled market

And we acknowledge that solutions to these problems are what venture businesses born in the modern age should be tackling.

beBit's vision is to see the implementation, spread and establishment of Long-Term Customer-Centricity

In order to solve the above problems, we are aiming for the implementation, spread and establishment of a new idea – "Long-Term Customer-Centricity."

Long-Term Customer-Centricity is a concept where "businesses conduct their activities with the greatest importance being on the creation and improvement of long-term value for the customer." The turnover and profit that are generally the objectives of business activities in capitalism are not objectives in Long-Term Customer-Centricity; rather they are treated as duties.

When a business pursues providing value to customers long-term, we envisage it will lead to results such as:

  • Customers being able to receive genuinely useful products and services
  • Long-term customer satisfaction being created, and business turnover/profit able to be improved
  • Excessive competition focusing only on rival businesses being able to be avoided, creative originality being able to be born, and continuous development being made possible
  • By people belonging to businesses thinking all the time about how they can be useful to customers instead of just making money, they will be able to take pride in their work
  • Businesses focusing on long-term activity will make concern for the environment a natural consideration

beBit's Long-Term Customer-Centricity is inspired by the blend of Buddhist, Shinto and Confucian ethical teachings popular in the Edo Period, and also the Sanpo Yoshi (meaning 'benefit for all three sides') principle used by the Omi Merchants, which teaches that in business the merchant should take into consideration the benefits for the customer, society, and the vendor at the same time. We firmly believe that these time-honored Japanese notions have the potential to solve the problem of capitalism gone wild.

We will treat the digitalization of society as an opportunity to implement Long-Term Customer-Centricity

beBit is not just imagining a utopia reminiscent of the Chinese fable of the Peach Blossom Land; instead we are actually putting our ideas into practice through the services we provide.

Starting with our digital marketing activity support for businesses, we select customer-oriented support for business activities at points of contact with customers as an implementation field.

The arrival of the Internet has given huge power to customers. Before, there had only been a one-way information communication route from mass media, but with the Internet on the scene now, anyone can share information easily.

Customers believe word-of-mouth information, so unilateral advertisements or sales promotions inconsistent with that information are starting to become pointless.

With their survival at stake, businesses have to search for another way to interact with their customers, and we feel that opportunity is increasing to face the challenge with the Long-Term Customer-Centricity advocated by beBit. We see it as a favorable wind, and something which we are focusing all of our management resources on.

At beBit, we are a business born in Japan, a nation with an historically rare excess of abundance.
This abundance is a treasure that we have inherited from those who came before us, and so it is our intention to show our gratitude for this, along with our spirit as stewards of the new age continuing the challenge of changing the world itself for the better.